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Maryland Governor Award 2015

Meet with China Vice President Xi

US Congressman Citation  

New IPC Program in 2015 

Maryland Governor 2015 Leadership Award to Dr. Ma Meet with China Vice President Xi JinPing Dr. Martin Ma received Award from US Congressman Van Hollen ICUE Open a new IPC Program in Guangdong

Award by Blacks in Goverment

Visit Chinese Ambassador Cui

Support by US Senator from VA  

Visit Chinese Minister of Education

BIG Award Corporation Award to ICUE 2014 Visit Chinese Ambassador, Honorable Tiankai Cui ICUE's Programs are supported by US Senator Tim Kaine Visit Minister of Education in Chinese Embassy in DC

US Senator Citation to ICUE

Meet with China Premier Zhu

ICUE & Guangxi Partnership 

Dr. Ma Appointed By MD Governor 

US Senator Mikulski Citation to ICUE Meet with China Premier Zhu RongJin ICUE aigned a Stratigic Partnership with Guangxi RST Maryland Governor and Lt. Governor appointed Dr. Ma as Governor's Commissioner

VIP of  9th China-ASEAN Summit

ICUE Visit Key High School in China

Meet with China President Hu  

ICUE Delegation Visit Guanxi

ICUE President Dr. Ma as VIP attended the 9th CHina-ASEAN Summit, 9-2012 ICUE Delegation visit Qinzhou High Schoo;, June 2012 Meet with China President Hu Jingtao ICUE Delegation visit Guang Xi

Partner with BOSSA

International Student Card Prog.


ICUE Partner with U of Maryland

ICUE signed agreement with BOSSA ISE-ICUE signed agreement with BOSSA ICUE signed agreement with BNUZ and FLS for IPC International High School progam Signed agreement with UMCP

Partner with ChongQing Metro

Partner with NanTong City

ICUE Recieved Top USSB Award

Dr. Ma Recieved Top China Award55

Dr. Ma REcieved Top 10 Chinese Award

Partner with Chinese Universities

Partner with US Universities

Prof. Ma Speach to Students

Head of US Officers Delegation

Partner with Chinese University Singed Team Agreement with EC - NYU Head of US Officers Delegation and visiting Tianjing

ICUE in China Education Forum 

Top 100 MBE Business

Project Support by China Embassy

Citations from Fedral and State

Dr. Ma in CHongqing Education Forum TOP 100 MBE Enterprise Award Dr. Ma and Ambassador Liu ICUE received many Federal and State Awards

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